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If you have a question about Irish Wolfhounds, please email us and we will answer you and post the questions and answers below.

Q: Is there a special diet that I should feed my puppy?
We can give you a diet sheet on what kinds of food the puppy has been used to, the amounts and when they are being fed. You need a balanced diet that is not too high in either fat or protein.

Q: Can I feed my puppy after exercise?
This should never be done in the life of your hound. It is best to feed your puppy or adult dog 30 minutes to 1 hour after exercise because the dog may get bloat (Torsion).

Q: How old will my Wolfhound puppy be when she is full grown?
A lot depends on whether you have a bitch or a dog. Most bitches mature sooner than dogs so you can pretty well say that they are fully grown at somewhere between 18 months and 2 & a half years. Dogs have usually grown to their full height by the time they are 2, but will probably carry on maturing for another 18 months. This is only a generalisation as all dogs are different.
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Q: Is there something wrong with my puppy, she seems to spend over half the day sleeping?
No, she is just a baby and all babies need lots of sleep. Also she is growing very fast.

Q: How is it best to go about training my puppy?
Wolfhounds will just turn off if you use physical punishment, it is best to train your hound using a calm pleasant voice with heaps of praise and love. Use aids that your pet loves to encourage them to your way of thinking. Spend small amounts of time training. Games and walks can be the best time to train your puppy and teaching them before dinner is another good time.

Q: We have a young child, will it be all right with my puppy?
Wolfhounds are very tolerant of children, becoming most protective as they grow older but you must remember that your puppy is just a baby and like babies must be treated with care and respect. Your puppy and child should be supervised at all times. Remember both are young and enjoy making trouble!

Q: Will my Wolfhound be a good guard dog?
Just by their size and bark they will be a discouragement to intruders. They will try their best to protect their owners, but if you want a guard dog as such, you should seek one of the recognised guard dog breeds.
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