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SIRE: Bronilorda Conri's Conall
Dam: Owai Lady Ceara at Shanclan.
This is a long planned for litter marrying the best of the blood lines imported from the USA and Eire with European Wolfhouse lines.
Litter due to arrive July 25/2016 Dam, Owai Lady Ciara

What can I say to introduce you to the Irish Wolfhound, what is in our opinion the best of the hounds.

He is the gentle Giant of the Dog World. As caring and gentle with a young baby as he is with the sick or elderly. For centuries he has had Myths and Legends woven around him. He can be a complete clown or the noble hound that has been the companion of Kings and Queens. He is not a guard dog, but would lay down his life for a loved Master. He is the embodiment of the saying Gentle when Stroked, Fierce when Provoked. Once one of these noble hounds have owned you, you will never be without one again!

Irish Wolfhounds portrait
Astridgratie Sualtam He will listen to your troubles, be your devoted friend in your hour of need, but if he thinks you are asking too much or being unreasonable he will be as deaf as a post or as stubborn as a mule. He loves his creature comforts and is equally at home in front of the fire on his favourite couch as he is running free as the wind.

Most other dogs are content with a conventional car to travel in, but Irish Wolfhounds want (or rather need) wither a van or a station wagon. He would far rather stay at home than accompany you on an early morning run. They take years to mature then grow old quickly, leaving you devastated when they die.

He is the aristocrat of the dog world and yet has a sense of humor most other dogs wouldn't dream about.

He gets just as much fun out of waking you in the morning with soaking wet whiskers in your face as tipping hot tea or coffee all over you from a well judged nudge at your elbow. He will sit and watch you with an inane grin as you scold him from coming inside with dirty paws.

They are the most loving, caring, serene and understanding of dogs. They seem to know what you're thinking before you do. They are large, take up more room than any other dog, can be aggravating when pretending that they have just gone amazingly deaf or blind to the havoc they have wrought on your garden or house. Like leaving a rather large hole in the newly sown lawn, or chewing the mat in the bathroom. They enjoy pruning the roses (or just sniffing them). Drive you demented on the one hand then come to you for love on the other. BUT you still could not do without one of the noblest and loving of hounds...


Puppies at three weeks
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